Can I cancel/delete my account?

As a seller, your account is tied to your listing(s). Once your listing agent removes or archives the listing, It will disappear from your list. 

As a buyer, your account is tied to the tour that your agent sets up for you. Once the tour is complete, it will exist in the Past Tours section for a few days and then vanish. 

In both of these instances, your account information is NOT Shared with any other parties. Only the agent you are working with can see these details. 

In order to cancel your account, please contact the agent and ask them to remove your information from the listing or tour. Once complete, you can remove the app, or keep it installed for future appointments. You can provide the new agent you work with, the same email address you used to sign up. Remember, your account with ShowingTime is provided FREE of charge.  

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  44. Can I cancel/delete my account?

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